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Swift Protech is committed to the success of our partners and customers.  Swift Protech manufacturers and sells best in class industrial workstations, monitors and peripheral components. Our products are found in general purpose and hazardous locations around the world.

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About Swift Protech

Swift-Protech is based out of north Georgia and has been providing the highest quality industrial workstations and components internationally for over 30 years.

In all things, we will always make the needs of our customers  our #1 priority.

It is the trust and confidence that our customers put in us that drives us forward.

We have a full line of products to increase operational efficiency and reliability. This is paired with our customer-focused approach so that you will always have the solutions and the support you need.

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Our Workstations

Swift-Protech has been providing and manufacturing solutions for Class 1 and Class 2 environments for over 30 years. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of operators in the most demanding environments.

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Product Options

We have multiple options for enclosures, keyboards, and pointing devices. If you are not sure what you need, visit our product pages.


Swift-protech has been providing and manufacturing solutions for general purpose, class 1, and class 2 environments for over 30 years.


Swift-Protech offers keyboards which can be used on their own or integrated into one of our many workstations.


Swift-Protech monitors and touchscreens are designed specifically for industrial applications.

News & Resources

Rugged panel PCs and HMIs

Rugged panel PCs and HMIs

New 2020-Industrial Monitors and panel PC Whether you need a “plug and play” HMI or a PC based controller, this line of small panel PCs are an excellent solution. These are easily mounted inside trucks and vehicles and can be a powerful tool in factories and...

Solving the productivity puzzle

HOW MANUFACTURERS ARE INCREASING OPERATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY Interesting content. As we have in the past we try to post information here that may prove helpful to our customers. In this video the speaker provides prospective from the perspective of UK manufacturers. New...

Sealing for better washdowns

Sealing for better washdowns

DESIGN MAKES A DIFFERENCE High pressure and corrosive washdowns are an integral part for many operations. However, they can also be a point of failure if enclosure and cabinets are not designed to specifically to stand up to the task. Swift-Protech uses a 4-Step...

IIOT continues to grow

IIOT continues to grow

AND BRINGS IT’S OWN CHALLENGES The internet of things is nothing new. For decades, our homes, businesses, and industrial facilities have benefited from increased connectivity. However, the size of manufacturing operations and the sheer volume of connected devices...

Industrial news

Industrial news

Technology Moving Forward   SMART PHONES, SMART APPLIANCES, SMART. . . LIVESTOCK? TruTag experiments with new tagging practices to monitor livestock behavior and connect all things, including pigs, to the cloud. AUTOMATION AND POWER GIANT ABB ACQUIRES GE...

Customizable HMI Arm Mounting Solutions

Customizable HMI Arm Mounting Solutions

We are now offering a new solution for reliable, mobile mounting with our overhead right angle arm. This solution can be added to all Swift-Protech workstations and allows units to be swiveled and turned freely as well as be moved out of the way.