Industrial Keyboards and Pointing Devices

With a >1 million operation switches life-expectancy, Swift Protech keyboards deliver unrivaled reliability and offer a variety of pointing devices, connectors and embossed keys for enhanced feel and alternative mounting.

Industrial operations need precise coordination and require computing devices with a responsive peripheral device. It must remain functional throughout the entire procedure. Therefore we offer a 96 and 128 key configuration with many other configuration options to meet your exacting requirements.

SP keyboards feature a Mylar-wear and chemical resistant- overlay which prevents outdoor exposure and chemical spills from damaging the keys. Additionally, our  keyboards have a NEMA 4X sealed enclosure. It prevents dirt, oil, and water from damaging the internal circuit board. Operators can rest assured that this device will function during the critical operations. IP ratings from IP22 up to IP69

Pointing device options: None, 50mm Trackball, Touch mouse, Joystick and Trackpad

Swift Protech offers a range of hazardous location industrial keyboards available as panel mount or stainless steel encased stand-alone keyboards for use in Class I, Div. 2, and Zone 1 environments. These IP66-rated keyboards are available mouseless or with a  touchpad touch mouse, joystick, or washdown optical trackball.

All industrial keyboards have overlay covers that are chemically resistant to alcohols, dilute acids, dilute alkalis, esters, hydrocarbons, ketones, and household cleaning agents. 

Encased, stand-alone, industrial keyboards are housed in a slim NEMA 4X rated enclosure and with a sealed industrial keyboard-flat and flush mount. Panel mount configurations quickly mount from the rear side of an enclosure cutout and feature a built-in gasket to produce an IP66 seal.