General Purpose

Swift Protech’s general purpose monitors and panel PCs are available in size from 9” to 24” with custom builds up to 54” also available. Our goal is to provide our customers with high reliability products that offer years of reliable performance.

Additional features:

  • Stainless steel and powder coat aluminum bezel
  • Edge to edge touch screens
  • Front bezel OSD buttons
  • Sealed housing with VESA mount back
  • Brightness: Standard up to 1200 nits, higher brightness upon request.

Working with Swift Protech you work with a team of people dedicated to providing the help you need from the initial inquiry thru installation to post project follow up. At each step along the way,  we will work hard to be the best, most responsive vendor you have chosen to work with.


Stretch Monitors

Stretch Monitors

Stretch Monitors are versatile displays that can be used for a number of purposes, we offer a wide array of aspect ratios and resolutions. Our stretch monitors are ideal for many industrial applications where space is limited or easier visibility is needed and you’re looking for a solution other than a standard monitor format. Available in a range of screen sizes from 12"” up to 42”.  Monitors come with choices in video connectors: standard and waterproof VGA/DVI/HDMI  available. We also offer indoor and outdoor brightness, aluminum or stainless steel enclosures.  View Full Description