Industrial Workstations

For nearly 30 years, manufacturers from around the world have trusted and relied on Swift Protech to provide the best, longest lasting, most reliable HMIs and automation control workstations to run their applications.

Customizable in every way to meet their exact specifications, Swift Protech delivers high quality products on time and on budget. Beyond providing the highest quality workstations Swift Protech is focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience and to do all it can to make your projects run smoothly.

Swift Protech workstations provide durable, high-performance, automation processing in compact, scalable workstations built to meet strict operational requirements and to withstand harsh environments, including temperature extremes, shock and vibration, sand, dust, salt and fog.

Swift Protech’s scalable, modular design makes integration into your facility easy and fast. Workstations are designed for high 9 reliability and easy field maintenance and service.